Methane Emissions

Methane is a leading greenhouse gas and a major contributor to climate change, having vast ecological and economic impact on planet Earth.

Remote sensing and highly accurate drone-based sensors enable an early cost-effective detection of methane leaks and can save costs, avoid hazards and significantly curtail global warming.

  • Satellite-based sensors
  • Airborne sensors
  • Drone-based sensors
  • Integration software detailing location and size of all leaks along the pipeline

Landmine Detection

Landmines are affecting the social and economic lives of millions of people daily. There are approximately 110 million landmines in 70 countries. Around 6,000 people – about one third of whom are children – are killed or maimed every year. On average, a landmine kills or injures someone every 90 minutes. In addition to the human tragedy, they also render large tracts of land unusable, further exacerbating poverty, famine, and disease. Current methods are extremely time-intensive and dangerous.

The integration of emerging technologies will allow locating and ultimately removing these deadly devices.

  • Drone-based Neutron Generators
  • Drone-based Gamma Ray Detectors
  • Minefield Mapping Software
  • Embedded Artificial Intelligence

Problems worth solving

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